Repository moved over to GitHub

If you want to watch the latest developement branch, you need to install git and git clone git:// to get a copy.

This also changes the way people submit code. From now on if you do any modifications to Wildflower and want to share them (many people do), just fork the project. Visit GitHub and hit the fork button next to project name. This way anyone will see your stuff in one place. The same goes for submitting patches. No diffs necessary from now on. Just fork the project on GitHub. It's fast, it's fun and everyone can meaningfully contribute to the project.

If you haven't yet looked into git yet, I recommend so.

Wildflower 1.2 Beta released, more manpower

I am releasing a beta version of the new Wildflower 1.2. Changes from the 1.1 version:

  • New UI design
  • Refactored most of the code
  • More unit tests
  • Messages section for contact form communication

A bunch of screenshots are located in the Feauture tour section.

Another good news is that folks from the french V-Technologies have joined me and are working on the internationalization. So this might also make it to the final 1.2 release.

The next major step is to make Wildflower a CakePHP plugin. This will make it a lot easier to use it with existing CakePHP applications. Along with extending the documentation these are the priorities for the future.

Forums up

From now on you can talk about Wildflower at the newly opened forums.

People following the code repository at Google Code already noticed there are some big updates coming. Stay tuned for a new release in a few days.

Release 1.12

  • Comments fully working with Akismet spam check.
  • More Post and Comment models unit tests.
  • Includes latest CakePHP - r7117.
  • Pages include a working preview of the content revision system.
  • Tons of enhancements and bugfixes.

Download Wildflower 1.12 at Google Code.

Release 1.11

New features:

  • New directory structure. All Wildflower files are now inside the wildflower directory.
  • Added CakePHP database migrations.
  • Lots of bugfixes.
  • Finally some unit tests. Page model is nearly fully tested.
  • FCKeditor 2.6.

Download Wildflower 1.11 at Google Code.

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